Showtime sweepstakes canelo alvarez

Showtime sweepstakes canelo alvarez

The first opponent in Canelo Álvarez's extraordinary $ million, fight deal with the over-the-top platform DAZN to contest 11 fights exclusively on As Mayweather was a Showtime fighter in the tail-end of his career. Alvarez shares his thoughts on possible rematches with Floyd against ESPN ( Top Rank) and Showtime/Fox (Premier Boxing Champions). Jacobs would instantly enter the Alvarez sweepstakes as he's promoted by Hearn. NEW YORK – Stephen Espinoza has made an aggressive pitch to Canelo Alvarez's team. All Showtime's president for sports and event.

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The hard-hitting Canadian and former titleholder has rebuilt himself into a viable contender in the year since his embarrassing loss to Saunders. What you need to know about Oleksandr Usyk 4d Nick Parkinson. The slick southpaw who has battled inactivity in recent years while angling for a divorce from co-promoters Star Boxing and Banner Showtime sweepstakes canelo alvarez, "Boo Boo" now finds himself as a key cog in Hearn's DAZN plans moving forward.

The Kazakh slugger and former unified pound champion is fresh off a hard-fought decision loss against Alvarez in September following a controversial draw between the two one year earlier. Of course, the deal could also mean trouble for De La Hoya at Showtime, where Golden Boy does most of its major fights.

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Showtime sweepstakes canelo alvarez
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  1. The Mexican superstar's decision to sign with DAZN following HBO's exit from the boxing space after 45 years created a dramatic shift in power across the sport's broadcasting landscape considering the biggest pay-per-view draw in North America effectively ended his traditional PPV run just one month after DAZN launched in the United States.

  2. The thaw in the frozen relationship between Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and HBO -- once as close as could be -- began last month with the making of a light heavyweight unification bout between Bernard Hopkins and Sergey Kovalev and bloomed into a full melt with Tuesday's announcement that Canelo Alvarez is leaving Showtime to return to HBO after signing an exclusive multi-fight contract.

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