Turning the tide animal jam prizes return

Turning the tide animal jam prizes return

If you would like to view these, they are listed on the Animal Jam Wiki. Return of the Phantoms Rewards (Normal Mode) .. Turning The Tide (Hard Mode). Prizes: Hard Mode. Alphas: All Alphas. Level: 2. Players: Members The third Underwater Adventure takes you under the sea once again to turn the tide. Animal Jam: Return Of The Phantoms Hard Mode PrizesBread .. This is the new adventure Turning The Tide on hard mode and I will show all Jammers. Turning the tide animal jam prizes return

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turn the tide animal jam adventure

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Animal Jam Adventures: Turning the Tide part 1: Operation Taivie

Winkwinkwink AJ 23 March at The music does not belong to me, all credit How can I thank you? Here I'll be opening prizes from an adventure! Ajfoxface 22 December at Anonymous 2 January at Anonymous 1 August at

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  • Episode 4 - Full-grown Band vs.

  • Turning The Tide is the third and most recently added underwater Adventure. The normal mode was introduced on August 7,...

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