Top 5 troops in clash of clans

Top 5 troops in clash of clans

All the troops in Clash of Clans in the Normal Base is in Royale! Some of them was transfered from Clash of Clans to Clash Royale. Some like. In today's article, we will be looking at the Top 5 Troops in Clash of Clans. Clash of clans is a premium mobile strategy video game. As in the most powerful troop, your best bet is the electro dragon for air and the pekka on the ground. Thu Le, 5 years as a Clash of Clans Player, Town Hall 10 .

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Top 5 troops in clash of clans -

Now what we really like about the Valkyrie is a lot of players are using her in Clan Castles or as war donation troops as she is able to shred multiple targets all at once. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. High-level Balloons are really deadly, here we are talking about level 6 Balloons which you can get at only Town Hall 9. At th9 it is golem or loons. Combination between the two? In Clash Royale, The Executioner throws an axe like a boomerang.

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: Top 5 troops in clash of clans

Top 5 troops in clash of clans 994

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Top 5 troops in clash of clans

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  1. We all love Clash of Clans, however, one of the biggest question for Clashers is that which troops are actually the strongest among all.

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Clash of Clans Top 5 Strongest Troops

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Top 5 Strongest Troops in Clash of Clans:

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