Td summer reading club prizes and awards

Td summer reading club prizes and awards

Since , the TD Summer Reading Club Library Awards have The first prize winners are the Queen's Square Branch, Cambridge Public. The TD Summer Reading Club is a totally free and fun program that Draw prizes not picked up within 6 weeks of the draw will be awarded to. Also presented was the first TD Summer Reading Club Accessibility Award to First-prize winner of $10, Callander Public Library (Ontario) to announce the TD Summer Reading Club Library Award winners.

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Td summer reading club prizes and awards -

Through books, programs, and conversations, TD Summer Reading Club kids can dive into areas that already fascinate them, dabble in others for new inspiration and discover that their passions have the potential to transform them, their friends and their world. Amanda put considerable time and effort into organizing the Club by bringing ever-changing boxes of books to a public park and running a full program from a gazebo there so that children in this small rural community could enjoy reading over the summer.

Through the participation of libraries across the country, the program offers an innovative approach towards helping to raise literacy levels in Canada. They also implemented a Moose Race across Canada and challenged other libraries to see who could go the farthest.

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Launch Date Save the Td summer reading club prizes and awards Reading and literacy were clearly the focus of all of the programming at this library. Airdrie Public Library Airdrie, Alberta made a strong effort to get reading materials into the community.

All Northern Ontario public libraries should be using our online order form The form details all the items offered and has ordering tips for each. They rewarded adults for reading with their kids, effectively turning reading time into a family affair.

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Td summer reading club prizes and awards -

It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. They adapted the program for families travelling during the summer by continuing reporting until the end of August. Kids used a variety of strategies to decipher and solve clues and puzzles, including spelling and completing math questions based on the Dewey Decimal System. She's met with hundreds of kids across Canada, with whom she's shared her passion for literature and art.

They set up a reading tent at a local event to promote the program and created small group activities to accommodate children with special needs.

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Td summer reading club prizes and awards

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Td summer reading club prizes and awards

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Td summer reading club prizes and awards

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  1. Co-created and delivered by 2, public libraries across Canada; development of this national, bilingual program is led by Toronto Public Library in partnership with Library and Archives Canada.

  2. Callander Public Library Callander, Ontario demonstrated that with creativity, community partnerships and passion, it is possible to have an amazing TD Summer Reading Club program on a very limited budget.

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