St gerard majella school fete prizes

St gerard majella school fete prizes

It is the policy of St. Gerard Majella to provide a quality Catholic education in St. Gerard Majella is dedicated to recognizing the unique God given gifts of each .. “Fair use” of copyrighted materials is allowed for specific instructional. Title: Yearbook , Author: St Gerard's School, Name: Yearbook , Length: pages, Fourth Row (l-r): C. Finane, F. Fair, C. Ni Mhairtin, E. O'Regan, D. Owens, . SPORTS & PRIZE DAY Medal of Merit Winners of love and respect for all as embodied by our patron saint, Saint Gerard Majella. St Gerard Majella School P&F Fete. Public. · Hosted by St Gerard Majella School, Woree. Interested. clock. Saturday, June 17, at PM – PM UTC+.

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St gerard majella school fete prizes -

She dazzled them with her impressive footwork! This year we have played 17 games, we won 14, drew two and lost one; these statistics not only reflect the squad but also the people off the pitch. The creation of a whole school IT infrastructure and our development of a virtual learning environment, encompassing our iPad technology and eBooks, coupled with our innovative and forward-thinking teaching staff, allows our students become the innovators of tomorrow. It was a tight game but we came out with the win at the end of the match.

All the Junior school classes got an opportunity to observe each project and the sixth class parents came in as well.

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  1. With a healthy enrolment of around students from Prep to Year Six, the school has always been a highly regarded and well sort-after Catholic primary school.

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