Morphin madness prizes

Morphin madness prizes

A quick heads up for those of you who seek out and collect the harder to find items. A set of the Ranger Keys from the Morphin Madness contest. Posts about Morphin Madness written by Piratemonkie. Morphin Madness Prizes Begin Finding Their Homes. Posted on October 11, by Piratemonkie . After what's seemed like an eternity, the silence from Bandai of America following the Morphin Madness competition in March has been broken!.

Morphin madness prizes -

They were also turning out some similar packaging at the time and, considering their resources, I don't think it put too much of a burden on them. For example, voting 8 times unlocked a low priced coupon. Right, forgot we haven't gotten the TF females yet. Whoever the other 4 winners are, you should be expecting your prize packs soon! Originally Posted by Thessair Yeah, they did.

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Morphin Madness Winners! (Power Rangers Contest)

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: Morphin madness prizes

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Morphin madness prizes

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Morphin madness prizes

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Morphin madness prizes

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Morphin madness prizes

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Morphin madness prizes

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Originally Posted by Mageranger Red True. Zords Morphin madness prizes my eye. We created a highly engaging website along with a media campaign that playfully mashed the sports and Power Ranger worlds together. Which is a stupid idea Did they really make full packaging for something that had such a limited release?

To increase their chances of winning, users gained additional entries into the draw for each round of voting complete. Zhane listed as In Space Silver Ranger.

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Morphin Madness Round 1

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  1. In a surprise turn of events one of the 5 winners has found their prize pack waiting for them today!

  2. We created a highly engaging website along with a media campaign that playfully mashed the sports and Power Ranger worlds together.

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