12 million unclaimed lottery prizes

12 million unclaimed lottery prizes

Each year, about $ million worth of lottery prizes are not collected, 3 to 12 months after a ticket is purchased, depending on the state. More than $ million in unclaimed lottery prizes have reverted to the a deadline to redeem the winning ticket - officially worth $12 million. But there are currently 14 major prizes worth a whopping £12 million which remain unclaimed - and time is running out to claim.

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10 Stupid Lottery Winners

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Wis. Lottery has $50 million in unclaimed winnings

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  1. Scole Lotto and Newsagency, a newsagent in the Barkly Square shopping centre, sold the winning Powerball ticket in January to an unknown lucky buyer.

  2. Winners are given days nearly six months to come forward and if they don't the funds go towards National Lottery Project.

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