Nickerson gardens toy giveaways

Nickerson gardens toy giveaways

Rapper Jay Rock poses with kids in Nickerson Gardens, where he grew up, at Top Dawg Entertainment's holiday concert and toy drive. Lines wrapped around Watts' Nickerson Gardens for the chance to see some of the hottest names in music. The third annual TDE holiday concert and toy giveaway will take place from noon to 4 p.m. PST, Tuesday at Nickerson Garden Projects in Watts.

It just fell Nickerson gardens toy giveaways place and it fit so perfectly. It's cool to see the positivity spread throughout this. Jay Rock's family is out here. Follow me on Twitter makedaeaster. Hometown hero Jay Rock played the master of ceremonies role, introducing acts and performing tracks throughout the day.

This is the best.

TDE's Annual Concert & Toy Giveaway Recap

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Nickerson gardens toy giveaways

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Watts 4th annual toy giveaway holiday concert

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  1. When Rock took the stage to perform his tribute to Watts, "Hood Gone Love It," the crowd went wild, rapping along with the lyrics and screaming for more songs.

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