How to get coins in hay day

How to get coins in hay day

It's easy to level initially, but an anxious Hay Day player may find themselves without the necessary coins to buy the machines needed to create. Buy in Bulk: One of the best way to earn Coins in Hay Day is to use the newspaper to buy in bulk. Look through your own newspaper, as well as those of other. Coins are the main currency in Hay Day. They are used to buy almost every item and are needed to progress in the game. Coins can be earned in various ways. How to get coins in hay day How to get coins in hay day 598 Stir up some fun backyard makeover sweepstakes

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: How to get coins in hay day

How to get coins in hay day Free vacation giveaways timeshare
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How to get coins in hay day

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Hay Day Guide - How to make money in Hay Day!

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  2. Leveling up in Hay Day is done by collecting experience points XP , which are gained by buying things, harvesting crops and claiming items you create.

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Earning Coins - Hay Day

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