Hair color coupon reg maplestory

Hair color coupon reg maplestory

REG (Female). This is the female section of REG hair styles. All the towns that offer a salon with REG are listed here! Hope this is helpful, <3. Complete: 9/9/ List of Towns To Get Hair Colors; Male Hair List; Female Hair List; Hair Saloon .. Female REG: Annie, Aran Hair, Curly Stream, Gardener, Pei Pei, . Second method is to wait for Cash Shop Hairstyle coupon that may return. [IMG] A guide on all the hairstyles, eyes, and skin colours in 2. [​IMG] REG/ EXP - random VIP style, including a chance of getting exclusive.

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  • REG (Female). This is the female section of REG hair styles. All the towns that offer...
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List of MapleStory Hairstyles and Face

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Maplestory - Hair REG Coupon

Second method is to wait for Cash Shop Hairstyle coupon that may return the Cheavlier hairstyle. Milk Tea Hair 2. They will mention it in their official site on what of each coupon would randomly reward.

Sorry for the super late reply! The coupons are permanent, untradeable and were 9th Anniversary Coins from Inkwell.

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Maplestory Special Beauty Coupons Hair color coupon reg maplestory

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  1. All androids that have more than one default can be born with any hair and eye colour and these are completely randomised.

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