Barre lieou syndrome forum

Barre lieou syndrome forum

then all of the color ran out of my face he said i have a condition called "barre- lieou syndrome". apparently, when i was in the car accident. Barre Lieou Syndrome is characterized as a constellation of symptoms involving the cervical neck. Some symptoms include migraine pain, tinnitus, involuntary eye movements upon head movement (nystagmus), ringing in the ear (tinnitus), spasms, and blurred vision. Common symptoms. Hey,Jim was looking up stuff for a lecture last night and happened to come across this web page. that discusses Barre-Lieou.

Here is some interesting reading Some chiropractors treat the same condition, only they admit it is the cause Barre lieou syndrome forum just one cause of FM which they see as a valid dxand that not everyone will be cleared by treatment for it.

I'm sure you must be in shock! I see it happen all the time, esp. The time now is Sign In Sign Up.

Log in or Sign up. Justified wanted to let you guys know that some of you may have Barre-Lieou. Many symptoms overlap, the symptoms are remarkably variable and it is once in a blue moon diagnosed because few doctors are aware of this condition. The treatment suggested for CFS is also beneficial for this fettle because of the positive conclusion of - especially - folic acid and B12 on neurons. Gandalf , Jun 17, Tito , alex and bootsydan like this.

For those who are interested. This sounds alike resemble to Chiari I Malformation.

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3D animation of Overmanipulation Syndrome and Cervical Instability

Youtube Video

3D animation of Overmanipulation Syndrome and Cervical Instability

CFS subgroup - Barré-Lieou-Syndrome

Barre lieou syndrome forum -

That is pretty interesting. This syndrome usually appears after neck injuries, inflammation, or neoplasm.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Talking about the neck and headaches and sympathetic nervous system and lists many of our symptoms. I love this site.


Jim was looking up horseshit for a lecture finish finally night and happened to come across this network page. And I even-handed wondered if anyone had heard of this in advance, or had been diagnosed or has had treatment for this. The trap site is mainly aobut prolotherapy injections which I have no idea and am not sure on every side The syndrome is what intrigued us.

Talking round the neck and headaches and sympathetic nervous arrangement and lists many of our symptoms.

Just proximal enough that we are going to look more into it but thougth I would share and see if anyone else has heard of that. My guess is that "Barre-Lieou syndrome" is a wastebasket term that chiropractors and accupuncturists and so on use when they want to attribute whatever is wrong with you to what they consider to be a structural abnormality of the vertebrae in your neck.

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Barre lieou syndrome forum

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