April 21 2018 federal budget giveaways

April 21 2018 federal budget giveaways

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Republicans are pleased that the omnibus hikes defense spending 10 percent, even more than Trump requested, including a 2. And the omnibus did not include a specific line item for the Gateway rail tunnel project in New York City that Trump had called a deal-breaker, although Democrats are confident that Gateway will still get plenty of cash from the bill.

But it has been clear everyplace the Trump era that the Republican leaders who clamored championing austerity in the Obama days no longer care so passionately about shrinkage.

The Environmental Extortion Agency, which would have helpless nearly a third of its budget if Trump had his way, was level-funded. The omnibus did not include the late protections they are seeking looking for undocumented Dreamers who came to America as kids, or remodelled funding they want for stabilizing the Obamacare exchanges. They insisted on expanding a tax solvency for low-income housing development in exchange for allowing Republicans to fix a technical glitch in the recent tax bill.

And they won a modest strengthening of gun background checks and a rollback of a outlaw on gun violence research close to the CDC without having to accept a provision requiring states to honor concealed carry permits; conservative members of the Joint Freedom Caucus claimed GOP leaders had promised that provision would be part of the administer.

Presidential budgets are always sudden on arrival on Capitol Hill, but the omnibus feels more like a product of Obama-era divided government than Trump-era Republican monopoly.

For example, rank-and-file Republicans tried to stuff it with scores of provisions rolling slyly environmental protections like the Imperilled Species Act and the Polish Water Act, but the barely major one that seems to have survived had significant bipartisan support, an amendment declaring that electricity produced by burning trees and other biomass is carbon-neutral.

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  1. Hong Kong financial secretary claims his relief measures have spurred economic growth, but in reality only the rich have truly benefited.

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