Yebo millionaires prizes for adults

Yebo millionaires prizes for adults

Every week Vodacom customers win cash prizes and airtimes prizes with Vodacom Millionaires. Entrants with a six-letter match can win R A month after Vodacom South Africa launched Yebo Millionaires, its television game show, its customers have begun reaping the rewards. Kennedy said all Yebo Millionaires winners who had not yet claimed who got lucky and won a cash prize from the Vodacom Millionaires show. An excited Edworthy said: “I haven't heard the good news for myself, but I am.

He simply smsed 9 letters to and won a million and the longstanding Vodacom patron was shocked when he received the news. That is not the blue ribbon time that Lebo has won with Yebo Millionaires, the jubilant 23 year old won some airtime just a short season ago.

Lebo plans to use his winning to renovate the family palace, where he lives with his parents and his brother, and further his education. Other than the hard ply that lies ahead in building a career, Lebo will including have some time, and the funds for his favourite play watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies with his crony and supporting his best-liked soccer combine, Kaizer Chiefs.

Vodacom Yebo Millionaires has over the years changed the lives of copious South Africans, be it by giving away ready, cars, chamber phones to individuals or the several computer centres to schools all in South Africa. The lead gives away a sort new auto on now and again last Tuesday of from time to time month as well as other prizes like dough, cell phones and airtime recharge vouchers.

An 8 — strictly match brings R Yes, i did it!!!!! Lebo on the cloud nine after winning a one million rand cheque from Yebo Millionaires. Lebo with a million dollar smile. The search is on pro Miss Limpopo. My Return to Eric Myeni.

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Yebo millionaires prizes for adults -

I wanted it to be a surprise for my family as my wife and I are both unemployed. The initiative gives away a brand new car on every last Tuesday of every month as well as other prizes like cash, cell phones and airtime recharge vouchers. I still live in the same house. First, the text says Vodacom will call, and they didn't provide contact information or a deadline. One 1 SMS is equivalent to characters, including spaces.

I am the next winner. I won 6 Letters and received R12 airtime,Its not fair.

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November 12, at 4: From Vosho to Idibaling: He simply smsed 9 letters to and won a million and the longstanding Vodacom customer was shocked when he received Yebo millionaires prizes for adults news.

Gogo strikes it rich with R25m Lotto windfall An unemployed grandmother in her mids has won a Rmillion Lotto jackpot. These Rewards will be allocated immediately on winning the Reward.

Please change the system and give us money instead of the airtime.

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Yebo millionaires prizes for adults

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  1. Vodacom Millionaires is a popular game show that has been rewarding Vodacom customers since October

  2. Apple is not a sponsor of this promotion, and rewards given through Vodacom will not include any Apple products.

  3. Vodacom spokesman Byron Kennedy says there is still R3-million in unclaimed cash prizes.

  4. Last night, two Vodacom customers were rewarded with hundreds of thousands of rands, including the first customer who won the weekly prize of R with an eight matching letter entry.

  5. After running for more than 12 years, the final Vodacom Millionaires show aired on 25 April

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