Write poems for hallmark

Write poems for hallmark

Want to make money writing greeting cards for companies like Hallmark? Submit your The process is very similar to submitting poems for money. You submit. 8 Companies That'll Pay You to Write Greeting Cards (One Pays Up to Per the website, pay is $ per poem for Blue Mountain Arts' rights to. Find out the submission guidelines for Hallmark Publishing! Hallmark stories that make you smile and warm your heart. Write poems for hallmark

Write poems for hallmark -

If any one would be intrested in reading some of my writings please get in touch. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with our products prior to submitting material, but don't study them too hard. Use a plain, serif font in a standard size and color, as readers can find nonstandard typefaces and colors distracting.

We tend to avoid stories with very sad or distressing elements, including but not limited to terminal illness, abuse, addiction, early stages of grief, and children or animals in peril. They help me welcome freedom and strengthen my desires to do the best I can.

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The Journey to Become a Hallmark Valentine's Day Card Writer
  • Hallmark Publishing: - Write For Us | Hallmark Channel
  • I am interested in reaching the world with my gift of writing. I would love to write poetry on cards...
  • 8 Companies That'll Pay You to Write Greeting Cards (One...
  • Want to make money writing greeting cards for companies like Hallmark? Submit your The process is very similar...
  • Getting a job as a greeting card writer doesn't require specialized education or and portfolio to the...

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Write poems for hallmark 641 Write poems for hallmark

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Write poems for hallmark

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  1. According to Hallmark's careers website see Resources below , they do not accept third-party submissions.

  2. And they are such a serious part of the American lifestyle that we even have a Greeting Card Association!

  3. Having been told by a fair few people over the years that my poems are something that should be put down and noted by others on cards I've come to realise that they might have a point.

  4. Writer's Guidelines Blue Mountain Arts is interested in reviewing poetry and writings that would be appropriate for our greeting cards.

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Get paid to submit your greeting cards

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