What is a good tip for a dog groomer

What is a good tip for a dog groomer

Dear Labby, I take my dog to a groomer. Am I supposed to tip? Certainly a tip is not appropriate if your Chihuahua comes back smelling like a garbage dump or your Husky returns with a The Best Dog Breeds for Stressed Out Humans. Yes, You Should Be Tipping Your Dog Groomer Extra Under These Am I supposed to tip my dog groomer for a normal wash and brush?. 20% - they take REALLY good care of my dog. The groomer is always appreciative of the tip. ambgoph You do a good job, you get a good tip.
  • Friends and family members often ask me if they should...
  • Am I supposed to tip my dog groomer for a normal wash and brush?
  • Your groomer works hard to get your dog looking his or her best, so...

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What is a good tip for a dog groomer

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Dog Groomers Tips

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Dog Groomers Tips

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  1. You should know that this might not be the most reputable job, but it is something that requires a lot of love and patience towards the animal.

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Do You Tip Dog Groomers?

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