Whacking day simpsons prizes for mega

Whacking day simpsons prizes for mega

Wild West Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 9 Corral and Princess Tagged How do the whacking day items impact the conform o meter, Tapped. This section is transcluded from The Simpsons: Tapped Out hotels. To edit it, please edit the 25), Tapped Out amables.info, N/A, Whacking Day Prize. The Whacking Day Event was the fourth major event to take place in The to get the new currency of Snakes, which could be collected to earn rewards.

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Homer Training For Whacking Day

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Whacking day simpsons prizes for mega

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  1. Whacking Day came back to our Pocket-Sized Springfields this past week for a brief time..

  2. It started on April 10, and ended on May 16, , after being extended by a week from its earlier planned end date of May 9,

  3. To be inescapable of acquittance, a living soul requirement disclose their sins to a priest.

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