Webkinz wish token prizes for carnival games

Webkinz wish token prizes for carnival games

The Campkinz Pool was also a marshmallow collection event prize. It's now available in the Wish Factory for tokens. Unlike the bookshelf. (Picture Guide) Wheel & Game Prizes Wish Token, Yellowpetalpowershorts. png. Yellow Petal Power Shorts. Wacky Log Out Carnival. I'm so surprised did anyone else know this was a prize for this carnival game?!.

If you get a super token, there is a chance for you to win a Token Collector Trophy. You will not know if you a have a super token until you insert it into the Wish Machine because the super tokens look just like regular Wish Tokens.

If you don't win the trophy, your super token will win KinzCash or count as 2 or even 3 tokens. The Wish Machine is located in the Wish Factory. You can use the Wish Machine to deposit your Wish Tokens.

If you save at least ten tokens, you can purchase an exclusive item. Some exclusive items cost as much as 15 tokens.

Wish Factory

Webkinz wish token prizes for carnival games Webkinz wish token prizes for carnival games 145 Webkinz wish token prizes for carnival games As soon as the ads are turned on, the games should appear when you log out next. Usb car charger giveaways and sweepstakes

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: Webkinz wish token prizes for carnival games

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You may have noticed that in many of my rooms I have rare items. Personal tools Log in. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. July 24, at Let us know in the comments below! Do you already have one of these Campkinz prizes?

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  • Wish Token in Wacky Log Out Carnival Dart Game!!
  • Each inquire has a abeyant jackpot payout of x100 your risk at anytime - command...

  • I'm so surprised did anyone else know this was a prize for...
  • Wish Tokens can also be earned at the Wacky Logout Carnival. The Wish Machine...

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  1. Recently I decided to start cataloging and showcasing all of the new prizes that have recently been added to the Wish Factory.

  2. You can also save up your Wish Tokens and deposit them at the Wish Factory, or you can try your luck with winning an Exclusive Item by making the Wish of the Day!

  3. Here are some questions to get you thinking — please leave your feedback in the comments below.

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