War commander operation aftermath prizes for mega

War commander operation aftermath prizes for mega

WAR COMMANDER - LIBERATOR MEGA FAIL! .. WAR COMMANDER - Operation: Stormfront Prizes Let preferring your base and army for operation AFTERMATH. Here is some good advice for event. Do not forget. Operation: Afterburn is the 34th Special Event to be presented in War Commander. In most cases eXP PAYOUTS, Set Amounts, eXP is Awarded is Relative to Tier & Objective , xp, Mega Tank · Vehicle .. Operation: Aftermath • Operation: Remnants is the 47th Special Event to be presented in War Commander. , xp, Mega Tank · SF - Vehicle • Hero If a Sector Base is sucessfully completed the Player is awareded via a Prize Draw. .. Operation: Aftermath is the 8th appearance of Sasha Kalashnikov as the leader of the antagonist Rogue.

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War Commander: New Operation Into Chaos Event Details & Prizes - 09/06/2017.

Operation: Descent

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The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information. The Red Lokust troops are scattered and unorganized. The Official Event Clock expires. Wildfire the following Units are spawned from the Storage Building: Halcyon Jul War commander operation aftermath prizes for mega Once the spawn time has expired the Sector Bases will be removed from the World Map.


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