The voice philippines winner prizes for baby

The voice philippines winner prizes for baby

MANILA, Philippines – Jona Marie Soquite became the first winner of The Voice Teens Philippines on Sunday, July 30, bringing prizes close to. The second season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids is a singing and impersonation Every week, the winner will win a cash prize of , pesos, half will be given Chun-sa Jung – child actress; Esang de Torres – singer/stage actress season; since ); The Voice of the Philippines (new season; –). The first season of The Voice Kids was a Philippine reality singing competition on ABS-CBN. 2 Auditions; 3 Prizes; 4 Teams; 5 Blind auditions . The winner of The Voice Kids will receive one million peso contract from MCA Music, .. Bamboo Mañalac, Juan Karlos Labajo, 1, "Yesterday", 1, "Runaway Baby", 3, " Eto na.

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The voice philippines winner prizes for baby

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The voice philippines winner prizes for baby

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  1. Jed Madela , a judge in the first and second seasons of the regular edition , and Nyoy Volante , season 1 runner-up, serve as the mentors of the contestants.

  2. It was a sweet victory for Jona, who worked hard to prove that she deserves to win the title, after trying 3 times during the kids edition before finally getting a chance to perform onstage at 14 years old.

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5 facts about 'The Voice Teens PH' winner Jona Soquite

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