Sunday school prizes for children

Sunday school prizes for children

Well, check out our Christian carnival catalog page filled with small toys and prizes perfect for Sunday School, Church Fall Fairs, Vacation Bible School or any . Shop for Sunday School supplies and learning activities for children. you're using these items as behavior incentives or fun gifts for the kids, the perfect items . Affordable Sunday School giveaways for Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treats, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter & more. Scripture based with Bible verses. Sunday school prizes for children

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: Sunday school prizes for children

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Sunday school prizes for children -

These make perfect gifts in the lead up to Christmas or for fundraising events. Jesus Loves Kids Button Bundle Pack 48 buttons for children to give as prizes or rewards and each printed with a quote which says: Jesus Hero Caps Baseball caps in a super hero design and printed with this quote: Great for back packs. Whether your Bible school class is practicing Bible verse memorizing or doing Bible trivia, you will want to give out Christian awards, and prizes, like a sticker, novelty item, toy, or other prize for the effort they made.

Sunday School Jesus Prizes

Sunday school prizes for children -

Ideal for giving out in churches or adding to cards as little gifts. Spread the word, like us.. Sunday School Gifts for Kids. Wiggly Eye Christmas Snowman Bookmark - 1 item. Torches come in a range of bright neon colours and measure 9cm. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Great Value - only 12p each.

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Sunday School Jesus Rewards

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