St boniface lottery prizes for 3

St boniface lottery prizes for 3

Visit the St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery website for prize details With Option 3 you will also call Taylor Farm home in a $, Big Score PLUS. 69 Winners – A New Winner Every Day for 61 Days. Big Score PLUS™ Tickets 1 for $20 / 4 for $40 / 8 for $ St. Boniface Hospital, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, and Children's . Grand Prize Option 3 – A gorgeous home by Irwin Homes located at 19 Prairie Lane.

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St boniface lottery prizes for 3

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The St. Boniface Hospital Foundation Ultimate Sports Lottery

St boniface lottery prizes for 3 -

London Drugs in the St. A Prize category is defined as each group of identical prizes on the official list of prizes. Boniface Hospital and Albrechtsen Research Centre initiatives, health research and patient care. Members of the Board of Directors and employees of the St. The Grand Prize draw will be made by hand using a draw drum and numbered tokens corresponding to each ticketholder in the database.

Tickets now on sale for the 2018 St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery!

Thank you Manitoba!

St boniface lottery prizes for 3 159 POKEMON GLOBAL LINK BALLOON POPPING PRIZES

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Additional purchases will be in the name of the original ticket purchaser and will be mailed to the address on the original purchase.

Boniface Hospital to be diagnosed and treated with state-of-the-art equipment. London Drugs in the St. It is not a month calendar showing St boniface lottery prizes for 3 days, weeks, and months of a year. Midnight, Thursday June 21, Wednesday July 4, at


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: St boniface lottery prizes for 3

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  1. Proceeds from the lottery will be used to support activities funded by the Foundation, including health care research projects and capital and program needs of the Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg.

  2. Proceeds from the lottery will be split between the three hospital foundations to support the hospitals that you and your family rely on.

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