Snap on lens for iphone

Snap on lens for iphone

The first few Google search results for “best iPhone lens” led me to Moment, a company that started off with a Kickstarter fund and since. The universal clip-on styles fit on most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy right onto the outside of your phone, so you can easily snap it on or off. The 2x telephoto lens extends your iPhone's optical zoom a bit farther If you're taking smartphone snaps just to post to social media, we think.

Snap on lens for iphone -

There is some noticeable distortion and softness at the edges of images shot with the Olloclips. The Olloclip images show some distortion and loss of detail.

I spoke via email with mobile photography journalist Lars Rehm about the latest in smartphone lens trends and what to look for in such an accessory.

Some kits are so reasonably priced, it makes perfect sense to start with a low-priced kit to see where your real visual interests are and then graduate to a higher quality lens later. Use this lens to capture degree images with your phone — with a little help from the companion PanoClip app. The telephoto lens adds more reach, but with a bit of loss of image quality.


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The lenses pop out and should be able to be swapped into a new clip attachment. A companion app lets you choose shooting modes like Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual as you tap to select specific exposure and auto-focus. Some lens defects, though — like inaccurate Snap on lens for iphone, or blurry images — are obvious at any size. For those who fall into this first category, our pick for mobile photography enthusiasts requires a commitment in both price and practice.

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The Best Lenses for iPhone Photography

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  1. For a huge percentage of mobile photographers — from amateur snappers to creative artists — the iPhone is the camera you always have with you.

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