Selling soy candles

Selling soy candles

This post has some information on getting started making and selling soy candles from your home. This is a business you can start for under $!. Soy candles are all the rage these days. They're being sold like crazy online and offline, everywhere from Etsy to major retailers. Many, many people have. My name is Kevin Gillespie, and along with Garrett Le' Tourneau, we created Wax & Wick, the % soy candles with wood product.

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My Wooden Wicks are not lighting and relighting as well as I expected. We have become real competitors for the traditional candle company. Selling soy candles with that by making them know you are a team player for advertising. A great book for starting to make soy candles. Set up a giveaway.

Selling soy candles

Sell Your Candles in Stores

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How to Start a Candle Business from Home
  • So, if you're curious about homemade candles, the varieties like soy candles, and how to Candles...
  • And you cant hype a dismount than FREE.

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  • Make and sell your own hand-made scented candles the easy way....

Selling soy candles -

Thanks so much for this helpful info! I paid for it in soap and candles instead, so I have that wholesaler on barter for the duration. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Not Enabled Word Wise: Nothing written about the candle making business specifically.

Selling soy candles -

Kick Ass with Soy Candles!: It was a good read and I appreciate the information. Find her on Facebook: Write a customer review. Tell them, if you carry my product, I will promote your store to this list of shows.

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  2. Our product is the opposite of a traditional candle - our candles burn clean, even, with no additives, no paraffin blends, no artificial colors or dyes, and are virtually smoke-free.

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