Raspberry pi monitor internet speed

Raspberry pi monitor internet speed

Sick of the slow and unpredictable broadband speeds you get from your Internet service provider? Build this simple monitoring device to log. Raspberry Pi Internet Monitor: In my house, you can often hear someone shouting "Is the Internet down?" Sometimes it is but most of the time it's a "user. After some recent outages of our Internet access, I though it might be a nice project to use a Pi to long-term monitor the quality of the our Internet.

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Raspberry Pi ISP Watchdog

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Raspberry pi monitor internet speed

Raspberry pi monitor internet speed -

I can see my speedtest dir on Google Drive, but when I run. This project involves a fair bit of setup, including downloading and installing some packages, writing a Python script, and more. I get the following error: Thank you so much for the post!

I had already decided I would use apache to serve the information, but for the actual heavy work of handling the speedtest I looked towards github and found a nice shell script to handle most of the grunt.

Please help me to resolve this issue, or advise what to do.

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  1. This project involves a fair bit of setup, including downloading and installing some packages, writing a Python script, and more.

  2. When diagnosing internet and network connectivity, having a way to monitor issues over time is important.

  3. Raspberry Pi has become a widely used device not only for prototyping and educational purposes, but also for industrial production projects within businesses.

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