Phillies game schedule giveaways for christmas

Phillies game schedule giveaways for christmas

Play ball! Or, rather, watch it with Philadelphia Phillies tickets at Vivid. This is the promotional schedule for the Philadelphia Phillies season, including giveaway dates and theme nights. The schedule of events is listed below. Please be Highlights include an exclusive Phillies Scouting Patch, pre-game parade and a great ticket discount. Highlights include a special giveaway and ticket discount. . Christmas in July.

Past Events

Phillies game schedule giveaways for christmas

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High school students - and their parents and teachers - are invited to go behind-the-scenes with the Phillies and find out what it's like to work for a major league baseball team at this exclusive pre-game event. Highlights include a special ticket discount and exclusive Phanatic Mask! Friday, July 20 vs. Saturday, September 15 vs. Saturday, May 26 vs. Saturday, May 12 vs. If you have Phillies game schedule giveaways for christmas questions, please call the Sales Office at

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Phillies game schedule giveaways for christmas 33 Phillies game schedule giveaways for christmas

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Phillies Theme Nights

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  1. The Phillies host a variety of theme nights throughout the season, which provides our fans with similar interests the opportunity to come together and enjoy a game at beautiful Citizens Bank Park!

  2. Washington Nationals Baseball is back in Philadelphia and the team is giving out these sweet knit hats for those cold April nights when the wind is gusting out to left field.

  3. But wow, do kids worship it - due to it features two really fully rendered kids - Violet the reserved teenage stuff and lan the fellow who is more Bart Simpson than any Pixar attribute has been.

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Meet Wingston — but what exactly is the Philadelphia Wings' new mascot?

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