Lipa na mpesa promotion prizes for teens

Lipa na mpesa promotion prizes for teens

You get rewarded every time you transact on M-PESA. (bank to M-PESA), making payments via M-PESA (Lipa na M-PESA – Paybill weekly target rewards once per week throughout the promotion's remaining 6 weeks. Safaricom just launched a new campaign dubbed 'Lipa Na M-PESA Cash Back Promotion'. The promotion will give Lipa Na M-PESA users the. The promotion is part of the company's strategic intent to bolster the usage of “ Lipa Na M-PESA already offers a versatile and secure mobile.

Lipa na mpesa promotion prizes for teens -

Just be more deliberate on how you make your payments; Pay for Goods and Services Paying for our everyday utilities is already easier using mobile payment methods. It is this prize that you are probably familiar with because it is basic at best. Spread the word on social media: The end goal is to win one of the 7 apartments on offer throughout the promotion even though, at this point, one of those already has an owner: The promotion will run for 2 months so customers can take advantage of it and get a good sum of money back.

Towards the end of June, Safaricom unveiled a new loyalty reward promotion targeted at its We are slowly moving into an era that will eradicate the use of paper money.

Safaricom launches loyalty promotion seeking to reward M-PESA customers

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Kenya: Safaricom Launches 'Maisha Ni M-PESA Tu', as Treasury Increases Tax

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This is because those whose M-PESA accounts have either been suspended or frozen are not eligible to take part in the promotion. FT… Access Government services online and pay with… Sharing is caring! It is literally letting you earn by paying your bills. This is what you need to know about the promotion: It is so easy now to pay your supermarket bill using M-Pesa.

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  1. For this promotion, customers who meet their weekly targets will receive monetary amounts ranging from Kshs 5 to Kshs

  2. The Summer more surely picked up with changed attractions job on the West and Kevin was there to interest the developments with us.

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