Ideas for chili cook off prizes

Ideas for chili cook off prizes

Chili cook-offs are ideal venues to let people showcase their culinary skills and and trophies or hand out more practical prizes related to cooking and chili. Chili Cook Off Personalized Wooden Spoon Prize, Hostess Gift, First Place Chili . Chili Cook Off Champion Black Kitchen Aprons, Chili Cook Off Prize Idea. Items 1 - 12 of 19 With FREE engraving, our Chili Cook-Off Gifts Prizes will impress your champions! Fast production and high quality.

What Awards Do You Give for a Chili Cook-Off?

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Ideas for chili cook off prizes

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Julie, I love that idea! One option is for the host to take the crockpots when someone arrives and put them in another location until there are a few of them collected, then move them all at once. I love that you have all-day outdoor event, and I really love the trophy idea. We are having a chili cookoff as a cubscout fundraiser.

Since we are non profit and doing this as a fundraiser for another local non profit group.

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Ideas for chili cook off prizes -

Your website is so helpful! We always have categories, i. Instead, I think a tasting fee would be the better way to go. Jo and I have a tradition every fall of welcoming the colder weather by having a huge chili cook-off party with all our friends. I love this site.. We bought an actual trophy cup with our party title engraved on it. I also bought a throphy and took it apart and used the base and had a plate engraved for the front.


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  1. Jo and I have a tradition every fall of welcoming the colder weather by having a huge chili cook-off party with all our friends.

  2. Chili cook-offs are ideal venues to let people showcase their culinary skills and engage in friendly competition with friends, neighbors, and newcomers.

  3. The month of November is a notable chestnut fitting for our business, that's when the annual IAAPA switch upstage takes place.

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