Fun prizes for chili cookoff

Fun prizes for chili cookoff

Chili cook-offs are ideal venues to let people showcase their culinary skills and engage in friendly competition with friends, neighbors, and newcomers. Unfortunately, they don't have a chili cookoff themed background, but they do have a cute The awards are the fun part and the hit of the party!. For a fun yet low-key party idea, why not host a chili “throwdown” to see who among Include the judging criteria as well as prize categories.

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Fun prizes for chili cookoff -

Throphy idea, I found this idea on line then hit the trift stores. Please bookmark us because we are going to be adding to our chili cook off ideas within the next month as we gear up for our next chili party. Your ideas are great and am looking forward to using them. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas for a Chili Tasting Party. There is no hard and fast rule about how you should decorate your patio for your chili cook-off, but you cannot go wrong with a country theme, barnyard theme or a county fair theme.

You have covered everything!

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  1. Since Southern Californians can entertain outdoors any time of the year, a fun way to mark the changing of the seasons is to host parties with seasonal themes.

  2. Jo and I have a tradition every fall of welcoming the colder weather by having a huge chili cook-off party with all our friends.

  3. Chili cook-offs are ideal venues to let people showcase their culinary skills and engage in friendly competition with friends, neighbors, and newcomers.

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How to host a chili cook-off party | Chica and Jo

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