Free prizes for teachers

Free prizes for teachers

Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Individual Students Be the scout (Person who goes ahead of class to tell the special teacher they are on the way); Be the. Individual teachers can use these rewards in their classrooms or they can be part of a Earn free tutoring time from the teacher (spelling secrets, math secrets. Teachers - get 25 ready-to-use tips for student rewards for good behavior. Learn how to build safe and happy schools where students and staff thrive.
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Volunteer admin for an hour Teacher can cash in assistant or volunteer help from admin for one hour. Sharpie set Set of colorful Free prizes for teachers permanent markers.

Just like incentives are a great way to engage students and create excitement for your PBIS program, incentives for teachers are a great way to encourage buy-in from your staff and nurture the fidelity of your PBIS program. Admins or other staff members Free prizes for teachers cover their classrooms for during the extended walk.

See images of the gift on Twitter.

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A Teacher and Her Prize Box

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Teacher Toolkit: Tickets Reward System (High School)

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  1. Just like incentives are a great way to engage students and create excitement for your PBIS program, incentives for teachers are a great way to encourage buy-in from your staff and nurture the fidelity of your PBIS program.

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