Enter radio disney sweepstakes for katy

Enter radio disney sweepstakes for katy

Enter the #RDMA Next Level Sweepstakes RIGHT NOW at for your chance to win trips to see Kelsea Ballerini, Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, or go to Disneyland . Radio Disney & Disney Channel are partnering up with Katy Perry for the Katy Perry: Ultimate Fan Experience sweepstakes! One lucky winner. enter this Sweepstakes during the period beginning at 5pm Pacific Time. (“PT”) into amables.info or amables.info (individually and collectively, . (1) Katy Perry Witness Tour (“Artist 1”) (“Prize 1”): Prize 1 includes.

Radio Disney: Enter The Katy Perry Ultimate Fan Experience Sweepstakes!

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Enter radio disney sweepstakes for katy -

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This means a lot plz call me People think it us weird because in the halls at school they here me sing in the hall but I don,t care Katy is my Enter radio disney sweepstakes for katy Ps.

Katy is my favorite singer. June 24, at I hope I get on the tour because I always had a dream to be on tv since I was at least 5. June 26, at 5: July 14, at


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  1. Beginning today May 3rd , Radio Disney is giving you fans out there an opportunity to win the ultimate fan experience with none other than Katy Perry!

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