Eelpout festival 2018 prizes for games

Eelpout festival 2018 prizes for games

International Eelpout Festival. likes · 34 talking about this. The Official International Eelpout Festival Page. , · Card games: Oct. , · Adult & Teen Challenge Choir to perform Sunday in Pequot By Brainerd Dispatch on Feb 7, at a.m. WALKER—The 39th annual International Eelpout Festival is scheduled Feb. Eelpout Weigh-In: Operates daily, capped with an awards ceremony at 11 a.m. Feb. There were many different games including an accuracy tests with The first prize for the team division was a silver trophy sponsored by Walker Rod and Gun Club. February , International Eelpout Festival.

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Eelpout festival 2018 prizes for games

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  1. Organizers of the 39th-annual ice fishing extravaganza announced Tuesday that festival-goers will be able drive their trucks and RVs on Walker Bay.

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