Diaper poker party prizes for baby

Diaper poker party prizes for baby

Guys bring diapers to trade in for poker chips, more diapers = more chips, At the end the winner gets a prize, tickets to a game or something. Diaper cake for huggies and chuggies poker theme. Diaper cake for a "Diapers & Dudes Baby Shower/Poker Tournament" Game PrizesBabyshower decor Babyshower prize ideasDiaper party ideas Diaper party diaper cake for dad!. POKER PAMPER PARTY | Poker Diaper Party Card Digital File 4X6 or 5X7 by digitalparties. Diaper Party Invitations, Invitations Baby Showers, Diaper Baby Showers, Baby Baby Is Brewing Beer Cookies, Beer and Diaper Party Favors .

Sometimes, getting a guy to go to a baby shower is almost like getting him to go the doctor or pull over to ask for directions. Sound like a fun idea? Choose a Western-themed invitation, and ask the guys to wear cowboy hats and western gear just for fun. Be sure there are lots of hearty foods like ribs, corn on the cob, chili or burgers. Add some Texas flags and other items from the Lone-Star state.

If you really want to go all out, rent some poker tables from a party rental store and have somebody be the dealer. Ask each guy to bring a pack of Pampers or any other brand of diaper as the buy-in to play.

As far as favors go, you might not think there are many baby favor ideas for this type of sit-down, but there are. In addition to the obvious choice of chocolate poker chips, you can commemorate the event with one of these personalized shot glasses. Or how about a personalized tin of mints. This one has a little lamb on the front, but there are dozens of other styles to choose from. Never Miss a Post - Subscribe Here! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

From gender debauch parties and pamper showers, an watchful mom gets a an infinity of prominence and novel gifts because of the neonate. A daddy diaper platoon is the complete modus vivendi = 'lifestyle' an anticipating progenitor to rejoice in his late mollycoddle with his poke fun at pals. That is a occasion well-deserved after dad to would rather make sport while spending heyday with his guys and receiving gifts the indulge wishes put. It can be fitting societal rally of ridicule pals at your pigpen or doing something you utilize.

Here are some diaper daddy knees-up ideas you can do with your guys.

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Diaper poker party prizes for baby

Diaper poker party prizes for baby -

Pinterest Big Dot of Happiness. I'm gonna ask for an RSVP on the invitation so that I can get a good idea of exactly how many people are showing up. Check out info on the poker ideas as well as, more baby shower inspired games. I suggest wearing a diaper and state the phrase "I'm all in" while taking a dump.

The Daddy Diaper Party From gender reveal parties and baby showers, an expectant mom gets a lot of attention and new gifts for the baby.

Your Man Will Be All-In For A Poker Pamper Baby Shower

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Be sure there are lots of hearty foods like ribs, corn on the cob, chili or burgers. My family wants to throw me a guys Diaper poker party prizes for baby party before the baby comes. The baking blogger, who's also ironically a pediatric dentist, topped the cupcakes with complimentary fruity goodness.

Erica Pitera of Erica's Sweet Tooth turned a basic vanilla cake recipe into boozy sweets by adding a swig or two of some favorite brews. EncinitasCA United States.

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