Cyberscholar prizes for mega

Cyberscholar prizes for mega

Nintendo Wii Mega Gifts Bundle - 10 Games And Nunchuk/remote Combo . Play the Great Big Movie Quiz for exclusive prizes from Channel 4 Film .. http:// Mega Millions lottery jackpot analysis shows the amount a grand prize winner would actually get after federal and state taxes are withheld from the prize money . Here's how much money you actually take home if you win the $ million Mega Millions jackpot. The Mega Millions jackpot is at a record-high $ million after nobody won Tuesday's drawing. But if you were to win, you wouldn't necessarily take home that full prize, according to.

Cyberscholar prizes for mega -

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There are nine Mega Millions prize tiers, ranging from matching just the Mega Ball right up to matching the five main numbers and the Mega Ball to win the jackpot. Players must choose five main numbers from 1 to 70 and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 25 to enter the drawings, which are held every Tuesday and Friday at All prizes apart from the jackpot have a fixed value; the only exception is in California, where non-jackpot Mega Millions prizes are pari-mutuel.

In this table, you can view the odds of winning and prizes available for each tier. The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in This chart shows the various Megaplier prizes, payouts and the odds of a certain Megaplier number being drawn:.

If you choose the Just the Jackpot wager, you will only be eligible to win the jackpot prize. To enter Just the Jackpot, pick up a play slip from an authorized retailer and select your numbers. In certain states, such as Wisconsin, your numbers will be generated by the terminal.

For more information, you can ask your local lottery retailer and you can also contact your nearest lottery office. Mega Millions Prizes Mega Millions.

  • Here's how much money you actually take home if you win...
  • Mega Millions lottery jackpot analysis shows the amount a grand prize winner would...
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