Cyberlympics prizes for games

Cyberlympics prizes for games

EC-Council is sponsoring over $, worth of prizes at the CyberLympics. The games come at a crucial time as global cyber threats appear. The Europe Championships of the Global CyberLympics has just concluded! and the EC-Council is sponsoring over $, worth of prizes. To compete at the games, simply form a team of between players, ensure. Global CyberLympics Schedule: Preliminary August 4th , Finals Competition- True to an “Olympics” style competition, in the games opened with a Prizes. First Place. $ US; *1 cert course per player.

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About EC-Council Foundation EC-Council Foundation is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to educating and training individuals in cyber security. Added theses to my Halloween treat bags. The views expressed in this post are the opinions of the Infosec Island member that posted this content. This year's Cyberlympics started of with some new twists. Unauthorized reproduction of this article in part or in whole is prohibited without the express written permission of Infosec Island and the Infosec Island member that posted this content--this includes using our RSS feed for any purpose other than Cyberlympics prizes for games use.

So let's break it down, group member by Cyberlympics prizes for games member.

Cyberlympics prizes for games -

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Cyberlympics prizes for games

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Cyberlympics prizes for games

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  1. Ladies and gents, presenting the Global CyberLympics , an online cyber security competition.

  2. This is a series of ethical hacking games comprised of both offensive and defensive security challenges.

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