Counter strike global offensive online tournaments for prizes

Counter strike global offensive online tournaments for prizes

Check out the information about CS:GO tournaments and their prizes, dates and available Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournaments and Events in by a list of the most important online tournaments, both lists beginning in March. See a complete list of all the ongoing events & tournaments of CS:GO, alongside a list of prize pools, lineups and much more!. Information on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive prize pools, tournaments, teams and player rankings, and earnings of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. $ from Online Only, $10,,, %. Offline/LAN .

: Counter strike global offensive online tournaments for prizes

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Counter strike global offensive online tournaments for prizes 901

Bummer to adhere to these rules may be penalized as outlined. It should be remembered that it is in any case the administration of the tournament that has the definitive word, and that decisions that are not specifically supported, or detailed in this rule folder, or even goes against this fact file may be taken in distant cases, to embalm fair play and sportsmanship. The software used is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam latest Version. It is a 5 Five Player Link up Tournament.

Each body must present 1 one representative. The tournament will be played with the following rule set:

After all, tournaments are the most exciting and entertaining competitions in e-sports. Our mission is to allow millions of players to master the skill of the game and get pro players experience.

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Connect Steam account Start the game with your Steam account in 3 clicks. Play fast fights Fast fights are played with an occasional opponent of your level - the ideal mode for pumping.

Challenge to a duel Duel 1 vs 1 - the best mode for the game with friends.

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Counter strike global offensive online tournaments for prizes

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