Candy bar card for 50th birthday

Candy bar card for 50th birthday

I made this 50th Birthday Candy Bar Card for my sister's 50th Birthday on June 19th, She absolutely loved it and almost was in tears. 70th Birthday Candy poster More Birthday Candy Posters, Candy Bar Cute 50 Birthday Gifts, Husband 50th Birthday Ideas, Diy 50th Birthday Gift Ideas. So I made this candy bar card for my boss who had got a new job and was leaving .. Birthday Presents, 50th Birthday, Birthday Cards, Chocolate Bar Card.

I had printed off a poster of events that happened in on 11 x 17 paper in preparation for my husband's 50th birthday and took it home on the train. Because I did not want to bend it, I held it in my hand and ended up sitting beside a gentleman on the train who saw the poster and shared with me what he received on his 50th birthday, which was the chocolate bar birthday card. I thought it was a great idea.

I Googled it, came up with this site and after collecting the chocolate bars, candies and gum from various stores, my 10 year old son and I put this together: What can I say but "Oh my. I printed the words in size font and cut and pasted as need. I figured if I had hand written it, it would have taken up even more posters than the 3 I used.

I took these pictures before I crossed out the respective letters and added punctuation like periods after certain chocolate bars.

Hi Elaine, What can I say?

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: Candy bar card for 50th birthday

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Chocolate Candy Bar Card for Husband's 50th Birthday

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Take a look at these candy bar poster ideas with clever sayings, which are appropriate for almost any occasion and inexpensive to make. In fact, you can create clever candy bar cards for just about any occasion or no special occasion at all. Learn from the best like I did, choose Solo Build It. It's fun to share ideas with each other as it sparks new creativity in others. Consider getting your chocolate covered Candy bar card for 50th birthday on eBay. You will discover a number of different sorts to try, including cashew, macadamia, and good old peanuts.

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