Bodossaki foundation academic prizes for kids

Bodossaki foundation academic prizes for kids

The Children's Prize Foundation is accepting applications for ready-to-execute projects that focus on saving the lives of children under the age. In keeping with the Bodossaki Foundation's longstanding support of the has decided to award four prizes, of €20, each, in the following academic fields. The Bodossaki Foundation announces the award of monetary prizes for the year to distinguished scholars of Greek decent, under the age.

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Children's Prize Foundation: 2018 Prize

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Policy and incubation Nurture ideas from concept to project and connect with policymakers on key issues. URI International Education Bodossaki foundation academic prizes for kids www. Deadline for the graduate awards is June Fotini Ladies' Guild Scholarship St. Scholarship provides annual financial assistance to students of Greek ancestry attending WIT.

Applications from public schools, universities and colleges considered. Geromanos Scholarship Program Newly established in

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  1. Paschalis Alexandridis has been awarded Greece's highest honor for young academics and scientists.

  2. Bodossakis, founder of the Bodossaki Foundation, recognized the value and potential of the Greek creative spirit.

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