Best giveaways for baptism

Best giveaways for baptism

Mar 27, You will get ideas for DIY Baptism favors, personalized guest gifts, and christening souvenirs. The most popular items are in the shape of an angel. Baptism and Children's Party Tokens from Papemelroti Gift shop. Baptism Favors Girl Christening Favors Baptism Favors for Boys Candle Baptism . wood keychains baptism favors/first commuion laser cut pink beads on top.

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Baptismal Giveaways and Souvenirs

: Best giveaways for baptism

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Best giveaways for baptism -

A pretty pouch of tiny soaps makes a dainty party giveaway. Made of MDF material. For the latter, prices start at P39 per potted plant which comes with a thank-you or event tag, plant care instructions and simple decoration of your choice.

Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice. We will put your name and the date of the event.

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Please your mom friends and guests with a sanitizer spray party giveaway. This eco-friendly magnet comes in various designs.

Available for ordering in 2 sizes. Made of MDF material. The adorable bunny-themed candles above that were ordered for a dedication has a light and powdery smell -- perfect for a baby celebration. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on SmartParenting.

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Diy baptism and bdy ides Best giveaways for baptism

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  1. Unlike birthday souvenirs, a giveaway on the occasion of your child's christening can be tough especially when you've had enough of the "baby on a pram" figurine.

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