Best clash of clans army

Best clash of clans army

Best troop combos for TH9 in clan wars For all th9, GoHo is best . clan | My Clan e&tag=CRCVL |. Wanna know what are the best ones to use for th8 and which should I NOT use? Thanks ;) and I'll add u back ^_^ Clash of Stats, Stats Royale Profiles. I am the leader of this clan, feel free to ask me anything about that. Like there is no single tool in the world that can be used for everything, there is no single army you can use for every thing in Clash of Clans.

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Top 5 BEST TH8 Attack Strategy for 3 Stars in Clan Wars

: Best clash of clans army

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Best clash of clans army -

Conquered this base with the above air army. All times are GMT. Arqade isn't just about giving a suggestion, but explaining why you would use something. Spells are 1 jump 3 heal. With the balloon strategy use 28 balloons and 30 minions. All are good things to do.

Best clash of clans army -

Drop 2 lightnings and 1 quake on an air defence, funnel the drags properly, drop rage on the dragons to take out the enemy dragon, then drop your CC loons and haste near the air sweeper.. Watch out for those giant bombs and cc! Originally Posted by Both attacks feature kill squads. They just hate all the Hog Rider nerf threads so they close down the entire CR forum, and spoiler alert:

Best clash of clans army

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High level attackers pay attention to how troops path through a base. Then, deploy valks and heroes to destroy gold mines and elixir collectors so the goblin will aim directly towards the storages. Jump spell and rage to aid KS to potentially take another ad within range. Best troop combos for TH9 in clan wars Hey fellas Although i know no army combo is perfect but still i need at least some proven ideas.

Last edited by SKicker; August 17th, at Best clash of clans army To assist with the latter I have seen variants that add firepower; sometimes witches are used as part of the kill Best clash of clans army as well; sometimes the golem is dropped in favor of valks. August 16th, 5.

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  2. The truth is, you need to know what different attacking compositions will help you achieve your goals.

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Best army compostion for th8?

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Different Troop Compositions & Different Purposes

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