Beneath the surface summer reading prizes for teens

Beneath the surface summer reading prizes for teens

Beneath the Surface - Teen Summer Reading Program the summer, Teen Summer Reading Program tickets will be randomly drawn for fabulous prizes. Teen Summer Reading: Discover What's Beneath the Surface online and on our reading mural and earn prizes as you reach each new level. To mark the end of our Summer Reading Program Beneath The Surface, we'll be announcing the winner of our Summer Reading Grand Prize at. Beneath the surface summer reading prizes for teens

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Beneath the Surface 2013 Teen Summer Reading Program

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Free for Hawaii public library card holders! One-by-one, finalists selected a numbered pizza box that had a prize listed inside. Many of them will be food coupons. Also we will be trying impart with the kids that a lot of people need to have things beneath the surface within them to be brave and do what they do. Focus A lot of different people are going to be able to come in and talk about what they do and how important Beneath the surface summer reading prizes for teens is to be in school.

And how they are going to try to achieve that goal.

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Teen Summer Reading Program 2018
Beneath the surface summer reading prizes for teens

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  1. The Teen Program will be very unique this year focusing on what the teens would like to do when they get older.

  2. They were among a large group of finalists, each a lucky drawing winner of the 24 Oahu branch public libraries.

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