Art contest for cash prizes

Art contest for cash prizes

Enter any of our fine art competitions to see your art published in our books and magazines, get noticed by art enthusiasts around the world, and win cash prizes!. Art contests are a way for people to show off their artistic talents, gaining exposure, scholarships, cash, and other useful prizes. If you'd like to. is an Juried Art Competition for cash prizes giving artists the opportunity to compete online.

Sponsored by Worcester and Bosch, it looks to foster eco-friendly thinking in our kids. The competition also rewards some lucky participating schools with grants for art materials — a fantastic way Art contest for cash prizes promoting creativity and inspiring some young potential artists. Open to artists worldwide working in traditional media, this annual contest offers generous prizes for as many as 30 finalists.

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Art contest for cash prizes -

Free sign up now. This is an awesome opportunity for newbie digital artists looking to showcase their creative skills. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hopefully winning this contest will set them on the right path!

Want your child to enter some art competitions? Check out some amazing prizes grown ups can go for here:

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Art contest for cash prizes

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: Art contest for cash prizes

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Art contest for cash prizes

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The Top 19 Art Contests for Kids and Teens

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  1. The 34th competition is proving to be one of the biggest yet and an opportunity artists should not miss.

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