Animal jam prizes for the phantom portal

Animal jam prizes for the phantom portal

You have to get corks and plug the phantom pipes (like the last game). Then water The prizes that Liza gives you are non-member! Even the. Welcome to The Phantom Portal Adventure Cheats! Here we have some videos, cheats, glitches, and prizes. Enjoy! ADVENTURE INFO. The Phantom Portal is an adventure available to all Jammers. For the den item, see Phantom Portal. Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide at this passage can reward a variety of clothing items; some of the possible prizes are listed below.

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How To Enter New Phantom Portal Animal Jam Play Wild

The Phantom Portal

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  • The Phantom Portal is an adventure available to all Jammers....
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  • Welcome to The Phantom Portal Adventure Cheats! Here we have some videos, cheats,...
  • You have to get corks and plug the phantom pipes (like the last game)....
  • Here arrives the trolley - specifically the Red Wheels Trolley that disposition unbar with the all untrained Disney California...

Animal jam prizes for the phantom portal

: Animal jam prizes for the phantom portal

Animal jam prizes for the phantom portal

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Animal Jam- How To Get Good Prizes In The Phantom Portal Adventure

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